BountyHunter-Web-MEDIUMSeveral people have asked when, if ever, some of my novels will be available in paperback. Well, now, just in time for Christmas, the first paperback has arrived.

Nick Walker #4, Bounty Hunter at Binary Flats, is now on sale at Amazon for just $10.99. Order now for the holidays.


Thank you, and Merry Christmas.

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New Science Fiction

51QSTlM10HL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_I recently read an e-book by a new author, Al Philipson, that I found very entertaining. Now that you’ve had a chance to download Nick Walker’s latest novel, you might want to check this one out while I work on Nick #7. I really enjoyed this book and I think many of you will as well.

Click on the image to read a preview.

You can order the book here:



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Nick Walker #6 Now on Pre-Order!

Manhunt-Cover-WEB-largeThe wait is almost over. Nick Walker #6, Manhunt on Tau Ceti 4, is now available for pre-order at

Get it now for just 99 cents. Publication will be July 1, 2016, after which the price will jump to 2.99.

Get it here.


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Coming soon: Manhunt on Tau Ceti 4


Two years after his court-ordered exile, Nick Walker has hit bottom. He’s out of a job, has lost his fiancée, his best friend, and everything he cares about–and the man responsible has got away.

After the gunfight on the Alpha Centauri Express, terrorist Kenneth Saracen fled Federation space, heading for parts unknown. Nick tracked him until the leads ran out, but now the trail has gone cold. Once the toast of Federation law enforcement, Nick is out of leads, out of ideas, and has nothing left to live for.

But he still has one friend who hasn’t given up on him. Victoria Cross, once his lover, now his lawyer, is determined to find Nick and drag him back to civilization. She knows his anguish from personal experience, and understands where his self-destructive path must lead. Come hell or high altitude, she will find him and set him on the trail again. She knows he’ll resist her efforts, but she has an ace in the hole that he won’t be able to ignore:

She knows where to find Saracen.


Don’t miss the action and intrigue of Nick #6, Manhunt on Tau Ceti 4.

Coming soon to the Amazon Kindle Store.

Publication scheduled for July 1, 2016.

Pre-orders available in June


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Introducing a New Science Fiction Series

Nick Walker will be back soon (spring 2016) in Manhunt on Tau Ceti 4.

In the meantime, I have a recommendation for Nick fans that you’re going to love. Victory Crayne is a good friend of mine who is working on a science fiction series of her own, and the first novel is now on sale at Amazon. Freedom is the first of at least three planned novels in the new Jake Dani series; I’ve read it and highly recommend it.

If you like Nick Walker, you’re going to love Jake Dani. So…while you wait for Nick’s return, give Jake a shot. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Available on Kindle and in paperback.


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From Thanksgiving 2015 through New Year 2016, all 5 Starport books will be on sale for 99 cents each. Take advantage of this special to experience the exciting Starport universe. Politics, war, sex, intrigue, and true love—Starport has it all.


Guerrilla Girl

Famine Planet

Prisoners of Eroak

Occupy Eroak!

On sale now at, just 99 cents each.

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Nick Walker #5 is here!

JohnBowers-GunfightOnTheACE-web-MEDIUM Nick Walker #5, Gunfight on the Alpha Centauri Express, is now available for pre-order. Order before  September 1, 2015 for just 99 cents. After release, the price will jump to $2.99.


Barely recovered from his adventure at Binary Flats, Nick Walker is suddenly sucked into another  situation so bizarre it almost defies belief. His reputation as a two-fisted lawman has spread  throughout the settled galaxy; many compare him to Yancy West, the fictional Hollywood hero of the  Ancient West, and billions are grateful for what he does.

But not everybody.

Just as he is about to take on the most dangerous adversary he has yet faced—a terrorist organization  intent on the overthrow of the Federation—Nick gets sucker-punched by a “legal-eagle” tinhorn in a  $4000 business suit who thinks Nick’s law enforcement methods are just too violent. Assistant U.F. Attorney Brian Godney seeks an injunction against Nick, and a court hearing to determine if excessive-force charges can be filed.

If that isn’t enough, Godney’s assistant is U.F. Attorney Victoria Cross, a former Star Marine with whom Nick was once involved…and his fiancée, Suzanne Norgaard, isn’t going to be happy about that. Nick finds himself juggling terror attacks, the media, and courtroom drama as he struggles to make sense of it all—and if the U.F. Attorney doesn’t get his head…the terrorist leader wants him dead.

Don’t miss this fast-paced, high-octane adventure as Nick Walker faces the possibility of prison even as he tries to save the planet from the raging terror threat. It will all come to a head during the Gunfight on the Alpha Centauri Express.

Rated R for language and violence.

Here is a preview:

Nathan pushed off from the station wall and squared himself as he watched them approach. The five teens were laughing and joking, but it quickly became apparent they weren’t really together. As they approached the terminal they stopped, as if to say good-bye. One of the girls impulsively kissed both boys, and with a final laugh and wave, the boys separated from the girls and walked away.

The girls kept coming.

They were weirdly dressed.

They had no luggage.

They definitely weren’t locals.

One was heavy and wore a dress that draped her like a tent to within an inch of the ground. The others were skinny as flagpoles, their unkempt hair long and stringy; all three wore bead strings around their necks and one had flowers in her hair. They proceeded toward the station as if they hadn’t seen him, still laughing and joking, but Nathan saw furtive glances in his direction. The hair on his neck began to tingle.

They were thirty yards away. He began strolling in their direction, his pulse ratcheting up another notch to double-time.

The train sounded its horn and began to move, returning back the way it had come. The girls, still pretending they hadn’t noticed him, stopped at the baggage cart and began matching their boarding passes to the luggage tags. They identified two bags and hauled them off the cart; one was so heavy it took two of them to lift it. Nathan reached them just as they set it on the platform.

“Evening, ladies,” he said casually, trying to keep the tension out of his voice. “Welcome to Trimmer Springs.”

All three turned to face him, eyeing him from head to toe. They were smiling, but he detected animosity—the smiles weren’t friendly.

“Hey, check out the pig with the cowboy hat!” the fat girl said, and the other two giggled.

A second girl nodded at the .45 in his holster.

“How many people have you killed with that?” she asked, her eyes an open challenge.

“What brings you to town?” he asked.

“It’s a free planet,” the fat one said. “We can go anywhere we want.”

“That’s right!” the third girl declared. “So stop hassling us.”

Nathan grinned. “I welcome you to town and now I’m hassling you?”

“That’s what pigs do, isn’t it? Hassle people?”

“Maybe in your world. Not in mine.”

“What do pigs do in your world, then?” asked the second one.

“They shoot people with big guns,” said the third girl.

Nathan planted his feet. “You don’t look like you’re from this area. Do you have relatives in town?”

“Not in this town,” the third girl said.

“Then I think you got off at the wrong station.”

“Oh, well.” The fat girl sneered at him. “Too late now. The train’s already gone.”

“Is there a hotel around here?” the second girl asked.

“Maybe we can stay at your place,” said the third one.

“Yeah, how about that?” said the fat one. “You are kind of cute…for a pig.”

The second girl plucked a flower out of her hair and stepped forward, reaching for his hat. Nathan instinctively took a step back and put up both hands to block her, his danger flags snapping at high alert.

“Step back!”

“What’s the matter, pig? You don’t like flowers?”

“Flower Power!” shouted the fat girl.

Nathan’s scalp tingled. “Don’t you mean, ‘Power to the people’?”

All three registered shock at his utterance, then sprang into action.

“That’s right, bitch!” snarled the girl with the flower.

She lunged for his weapon, but he blocked her and elbowed her aside. The third girl also sprang at him—he didn’t see the knife until it impacted his body vest. The blade skidded off, but she drew back and lunged again, aiming for his throat. His combat training kicked in and he nailed her in the face with his right fist, leaving his gun momentarily exposed. The knife wielder hit the platform with a cry, but the flower girl leaped for his gun again, jerking it halfway out of the holster before he slugged her in the face with his left. As she fell, he jerked the .45 free of her hand and swung it toward the fat girl.

He was almost too late. As Nathan was fighting off the attack, the fat girl hiked her tent up around her waist and unslung an ugly semi-automatic machine pistol. She swung it toward him just as he gained control of his .45, and he found himself staring into the stubby 10mm muzzle. For one frozen instant he hesitated; the fat girl did not.

Kill the pig! Kill the pig! Kill the pig!” the others shrieked, their shrill voices cutting through the gathering dusk.

The fat girl pulled the trigger.

Pre-order now at

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