SIX MORE DAYS! Revolt on Alpha 2 will release on Black Friday

This was combat.

This was the naked moment. Months of training, from boot camp to Advanced Infantry; months and years of camaraderie, of preparation; days and weeks and months of maneuvering, learning to cover and protect your buddies, advancing through hostile streets and down scorching dirt roads, across rivers and streams and up steep mountainsides, all to make contact with the enemy. After all that, and more, it came down to this, the naked moment. This was where it all paid off—or failed. This was where you lived—or died. No one could know the outcome until it was over, no one could know who would live and who would not, who would make it home and live a few more decades, or who would end it right here, at the ripe old age of nineteen or twenty.

This was the naked moment.

This was combat.

Nick Walker #8

Revolt on Alpha 2

Pre-order NOW for just 99 cents!


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GREAT NEWS!!! Nick Walker will be home for Thanksgiving!

Initially we thought Nick would be home for Christmas, but he got out  a month early. You can pre-order Nick’s latest book right now and have it delivered on Black Friday (Nov. 24, 2017).

Six years before Nick Walker became a United Federation Marshal, he joined the Star Marines. A revolution was already brewing on Alpha Centauri 2, then a Federation colony; two religious cults had banded together and were attempting to overthrow the Colonial government.

The shooting started while Nick was still in training, but the Star Marines were not deployed for another year, when it became clear that neither the Colonial Defense Force nor the Federation Infantry could contain the rebellion. By the time Nick’s regiment arrived on the scene, the Rebel Coalition had conquered an entire continent and it seemed that nothing could stop them.

You already know the story of Trimmer Springs, of Nick’s heroism in the bell tower with a Browning .49 cal sniper rifle; now read the entire story, from the moment Nick and the 33rd Star Marines first set foot on the planet. The fighting is brutal, the fear is constant, and survival seems unlikely. What some might consider atrocities often become routine events, the only way to stay alive.

Combat changes a man. Even the most innocent, idealistic recruit, if he survives, will never be the same. Not even Nick Walker.

Follow Nick’s evolution from combat cherry to weary war veteran. This is Nick as you’ve never seen him, just twenty years old, raw and unsophisticated. Grab your helmet, your canteen, your bandoleers, your .291 assault rifle—and brace yourself for action! This will be the hottest fight of Nick’s life, and you will be right there with him.

Revolt on Alpha 2 is Nick’s 8th adventure.
Don’t miss it!


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Nick Walker is coming home!

The shooting has stopped on Alpha Centauri 2 and the Star Marines are returning to Terra. If all goes as expected, Nick will be home for Christmas!

Nick’s eighth adventure, Revolt on Alpha 2, is now in final edit and we are waiting for a cover. Once all that is complete, the novel will be available for pre-order.

This eighth novel is a departure from the first seven. If you’ve read any of the books in the series, you already know that, before he became a U.F. Marshal, Nick was a Star Marine. Revolt on Alpha 2 takes you back to the very beginning, when the Federation fought a desperate battle to save Alpha Centauri 2 from a rebel takeover, with Nick right in the middle of the action.

Revolt also answers a few questions you might have. For example:

Why does Nick have nightmares?

Does Nick have a family?

Why is he ambivalent about religion?

Why is he so disgusted with politicians?

Why did he choose a career in law enforcement?

Why does he actually enjoy killing bad guys?

Why does he hate Rukranians?

This is Nick as you’ve never seen him, just twenty years old, raw and unsophisticated. Grab your helmet, your canteen, your bandoleers, your .291 assault rifle—and brace yourself for action! This will be the hottest fight of Nick’s life, and you will be right there with him.

Available for pre-order soon.


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Nick Walker Shall Return…This Winter

If you’ve been following Nick Walker’s career, you already know that, before he became a United Federation Marshal, he was a combat grunt in the Star Marines. Now the 8th installment of the Nick Walker series, Revolt on Alpha 2, takes you back to the beginning. The Rebel Coalition has overrun most of Alpha Centauri; the Colonial Defense Force couldn’t stop them, the Federation Infantry couldn’t stop them, and now it’s up to the Star Marines.

Nick Walker, a twenty year-old Star Marine, faces combat for the first time. Nick has resigned himself to the likelihood that he will not survive the war, but that only makes him more deadly on the battlefield. Here is an excerpt:


Nick slammed his rifle to his shoulder and took aim at the office building, but had no target. He swiveled to fire at the city hall, but if two machine guns couldn’t silence that gun, his fire would likely have little effect. He lowered his rifle and looked around, desperate to shoot at something, but the enemy was barricaded behind stone and marble. He now wished Dubose or Jaeger would send Third Platoon to assist, but checked the thought—adding more naked bodies to the shooting gallery would only help the rebels, not the Star Marines. The assault on the square had barely gotten off the ground and was already stalled. This was turning into a disaster.

He saw two Star Marines moving through the park in his general direction, men who were wounded or lost or both. It occurred to him that they probably didn’t know he was there, and might think he was a rebel. He needed to alert them before they fired on him, but how?

Before he came up with an answer, two more guns opened up on the park, these from the library just forty yards north of him. He watched in horror as brilliant tracers blitzed into the park, heard one Star Marine grunt in pain, and saw another dive for cover. Without thinking, he opened fire on the nearest window. This one wasn’t barred or barricaded, and he poured five rounds through it. The gun fell silent. He shifted to the second and pulled the trigger, but his rifle clicked on an empty chamber. He had forgotten to change magazines.

He ducked back behind two trees and quickly slammed a fresh magazine into place, but before he could do more, the remaining machine gun swiveled in his direction. Bullets chewed into the slender tree next to him, ripping the trunk apart. As the tree jerked and toppled, he rolled around behind the other one, bullets ripping up the ground next to him.


A second stream passed inches over his head, sounding like hornets on steroids. Panting with fear, he closed his eyes and froze, hoping they would stop.

Ready to die,Walker? Looks like tonight may be it.

The library gun ceased fire, giving Nick a chance to swallow in relief. He chinned his mike again.


“Walker! Talk to me! Are you hit?”

“I don’t think so, but you’ve got to get some kind of H.E. on those government buildings! If they won’t authorize P-guns, then bring the sleds back.”

“The sleds are on their way. They had to rearm, but they’ll be here in a couple of minutes. Keep your head down, because it’s going to get noisy.”

“Yeah, no shit. Too bad I don’t have a helmet cam—I could get some great combat shots.”

Dubose chuckled.

“Yeah, too bad. But don’t try to be a hero, Nick. I need you alive.”

“Just keep the other guys alive, will you, Sergeant? I’ll be fine.”

“I’m sure you will.”

“But you oughta see it, Sergeant. Talk about a ringside seat! It’s like being on the field in a solarball game.”

He heard Dubose laughing, then the world ended in a series of bright flashes. He had no idea where they came from, or who they belonged to—the ground under him heaved like a planet quake as fourteen heavy artillery shells plunged into the park in a single salvo. Nick was flung into the air as the park disappeared in what seemed like one massive explosion of singing steel and billowing flame.


Nick Walker, Star Marine: Revolt on Alpha 2

Coming this winter.



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ONE MORE DAY!! to get Nick for 99 cents!

Assassin at Centauri B releases Friday, September 1. You can still pre-order for 99 cents. After Friday the price jumps to $2.99. Here is a preview from the story:


They were halfway to their destination when two men suddenly barred their way. Nicola gasped at the sight of them. Nick had no time to react as the closer of the two swung a fist into his left cheek, rattling his teeth. The second man stood a couple of feet behind the first, his eyes narrowed in concentration. Both men looked rough, like dock workers.

Nick took a step back to recover his balance. His hands clenched into fists.

“Did you have something in mind?” he asked his assailant, “or did you just want to say hello?”

“Gimme your money!” the man said.

“Who said I have any money?”

“You’re a tourist, aren’t you? Tourists always have money.”

The voice was guttural, but the English was flawless. Nick detected no trace of an accent.

“Who are you working for, pal?”

“I work for myself. Gimme your money.”

“Come and take it.”

Nick set himself on both feet, ready to do battle. He wasn’t quite prepared for what happened next—the man in his face whipped out a laser pistol and jammed it practically under his nose.

“I won’t tell you again! Hand over the cash.”

Nick stared at him for a brief moment, then glanced at the second man, who hadn’t said a word. He was glaring back with laser-eyed intensity. Nick took two steps back and dropped into a half crouch. He waved his arms in front of him like a holo-vid karate character, narrowed his eyes, opened his mouth, and released a cat-like howl.


The man with the laser stared in disbelief, then burst out laughing.

“What the fuck is this! Who do you think you are, Sing-Sing Lee?”

Nick moaned and waved his hands again. His assailant only laughed louder.

The second man did not.

Nick dropped his hands and stood up straight.

“Okay. You’ve got the gun. What do you want?”

“I told you. Give me the money.”

Nick sighed and pulled out his wallet. He stepped forward and handed it to the gunman. For just an instant, the man’s attention was diverted to the wallet, and Nick made his move. This time it wasn’t a joke—with his left hand, he grabbed his opponent’s gun wrist, shoving it to the side, then jammed two fingers of his right hand into the second man’s eyes. As Number Two fell back with a cry of pain, Nick slammed the heel of his right hand up under the gunman’s chin, snapping his head back with an audible crack! The man dropped like a stone and Nick wrenched his weapon free. He shoved it into the second man’s face, almost too late.

The second man, more alert than the first, had drawn his own weapon and was swinging it toward Nick.

“Drop it!” Nick ordered. “You have two seconds. One…two…”

“Fuck you!”

Nick fired.

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Nick Walker #7 – Preorder Now!

As a U.F. Marshal, Nick Walker has tracked down bad guys all over the Final Frontier. He has taken down killers, corrupt corporations, slave traders, mercenaries, terrorists, and criminal religious cults. But when two government agents drag Nick off to a secret meeting with a clandestine politician, it can’t be good.

And it isn’t.

A Federation Ambassador has been assassinated. Beta Centauri is about to ally with Sirius, which has turned rogue and now threatens other star systems. Federation President Vivian White Wolf is scheduled for a diplomatic summit in three weeks, but Beta C is controlled by the Rukranian mob and her mission may be compromised. The Federation needs an undercover man—a gunslinger—to turn things around.

Nick, who has never worked undercover, has three weeks to get the job done. And there are no rules.

Not only Nick’s life hangs in the balance, but so does the future of three star systems. If he gets caught, the Federation can’t afford the diplomatic fallout—he is on his own—and even if he survives the mission, an assassin is waiting for him at home.

This is Nick as you’ve never seen him, working alone on a hostile planet where a single error can mean violent, agonizing death. The Rukranian mob is ruthless and unforgiving; can Nick break their stranglehold on the BC government and give diplomacy a chance? Don’t miss the bullets, the bombs, the hair-raising intrigue, the violence and betrayal as Nick Walker embarks on his most dangerous mission yet.

Assassin on Centauri B will release on September 1, 2017. Preorder now for just 99 cents.



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Nick Walker #7 Now Available for Pre-order!

Assassin on Centauri B will release on September 1 at $2.99 per copy. Pre-order NOW to get your copy for only 99 cents. Click the image to purchase from the Amazon Kindle Store.

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