Nick Walker’s final adventure, Ambush at Galaxy Gulch, releases on June 1. Preorder now for just 99 cents. Price jumps on June 2.

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Ambush Sneak Preview

Ambush at Galaxy Gulch releases June 1, 2020. Preorder your copy now for just 99 cents. Price jumps to $3.99 on June 2.

Here is a preview:

With no clear idea what to do, Nick Walker decided his best bet was to get to high ground where he could see what was going on. The nearest high ground was directly above him, which meant climbing the canyon wall to reach it. If the rifle shot had come from there, and if he was lucky, he might be able to surprise the shooter.

At this point, he had no idea if the shot had been sinister or just someone fooling around. If it was the latter, that would be wonderful, but in view of everything that had happened over the past week, he wasn’t optimistic. With a deep breath to steady his resolve, he began picking his way among the rocks in search of a way to the top.

The canyon wall sloped at a fifty-degree angle, not an easy climb but not impossible, either. He felt a need to hurry, but the rim was fifty or sixty feet above him and haste could result in a nasty fall. Using both hands, he clutched at rocks and bushes to pull himself upward, testing each rock to make sure it would hold his weight. Here and there he found a solid purchase and, moving steadily, sometimes zig-zagging, he slowly made his way toward the top.

Halfway up, the breeze reached him again, which was a welcome relief; it cooled his sweat but did nothing to still his anxiety. His primary concern was for Mijo, who still crouched in the nest of boulders below him, but he also worried about Victoria. She was out here somewhere with Troy Mayhew, and…

Shit! He should have tried to call her!

He stopped and rested for a moment, then got a grip on a sturdy bush to steady himself and pulled his pocket phone off his belt. Popping it open, he punched the speed-dial for her number. It rang twice in his ear, then he heard her sweet, welcoming voice.

“Hi, you’ve reached Victoria Cross, attorney at law. If I don’t know you, you have the wrong number. If I do know you, then leave a message.”

The phone beeped in his ear.


“Hey, Vic, it’s me. Where the hell are you? Call me back.”

He put the phone away and reached up for another bush to pull himself upward.



Nick ducked his head as dirt sprayed into his face. The bullet had hit just inches away and ricocheted. And it had come from behind.

If the first rifle shot had come from this side of the gulch, there was no way the shooter could have moved to the other side in the time between the first shot and the second. There had to be two shooters.

Nick twisted his head to look behind him. The far rim was still above him, but he could see the train now, and it was moving in his direction. The locomotive was moving in reverse, pushing the passenger cars in front of it, and on the rear platform of the nearest rail car, he saw a figure. The angle was bad and the figure was at least sixty yards away, so Nick couldn’t identify him, but the figure was holding a rifle and taking aim for a second shot. Nick drew a .44; in his present position, it was difficult to aim, but he fired toward the rail car and hoped for the best. Whoever was over there fired at the same time, then ducked back into the passenger car and disappeared.

The second shot chipped a boulder a foot from his head, sending a rock fragment into his cheek. His body recoiled by instinct and he lost his grip, sliding twenty feet down the slope before he could grab hold of something. The .44 in his left holster fell out and tumbled down to the bottom of the gulch.

Panting in both fear and anger, Nick steadied himself and looked up to make sure no one was looming above him, then twisted again to look at the rail car. The train was closer now, moving at ten or twelve knots, heading toward the curve that would take it north along the river. If it kept going, it would eventually run out of track and crash, but Nick hardly cared about that—he was looking for the gunman who had fired the shots, but couldn’t see him.

Come on, Victoria, where are you? Call me back and tell me you’re safe!

Nick twisted around until his back was to the slope. The ground under his feet was soft, but he found enough purchase to keep from sliding any farther. He glanced down and saw that Mijo was still crouched in his nest, then turned his attention back to the far rim. Just as he did, he saw someone leap off the locomotive and run toward the boulders piled along the edge of the gulch. Was it the same person who had shot at him, or were there two shooters over there? And the shooter above him—was that one still there?

Standing where he was, he was totally exposed. And there was no quick way to get back to the bottom of the gulch. Even if he got down, anyone shooting at him might hit Mijo, so…

What the hell did he do now?

Ambush at Galaxy Gulch

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Pre-Order Nick Walker #12

Nick Walker’s final adventure, Ambush at Galaxy Gulch, will release on June 1, 2020. Pre-order now for just 99 cents.

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While You Wait

The final Nick Walker novel will be available for preorder in a few days. While you wait, you might want to take a look at the entire series leading up to it. Here are the titles:

  1. Asteroid Outpost

After four years in the Star Marines and two in the UFM Academy, Nick Walker receives his first assignment as a U.F. Marshal. Posted to Ceres, which some consider the anus of the Solar System, Nick is confident that he is ready to kick some serious asteroid. Youth and idealism are wonderful things, but they don’t prepare you for the real universe…it never occurs to Nick that the asteroid might kick back.


  1. Sirian Summer

After two years on Ceres, Nick is posted to a small town on Sirius 1 called Kline Corners. The resident marshal there has been murdered and Nick has a dual mandate—take over the local office and find the killer. Sounds simple enough, right? But within hours of his arrival, Nick discovers evidence of not just murder, but racism, slavery, and human trafficking. How can a lone lawman hope to survive all that, let alone complete his mission?


  1. Rebel Guns of Alpha Centauri

Eighteen months after his arrival on Sirius, Nick is reposted again, this time to Trimmer Springs, a small mountain town on Alpha Centauri 2. It should be a quiet posting with nothing much to do. But when his deputy is killed by a sniper who was gunning for Nick, things quickly turn anything but quiet.


  1. Victoria Cross: United Federation Attorney

Victoria Cross is Nick Walker’s ex-girlfriend. They were in the Star Marines together, fell in love, then she broke his heart. Nick has never forgiven her, nor can she forgive herself. Now a Federation prosecutor on Alpha Centauri 2, Victoria knows her path and Nick’s will eventually cross…and that will be awkward. In the meantime, she has a job to do, prosecuting the people Nick has arrested. But it isn’t as easy as it sounds…one of them may be innocent.


  1. Bounty Hunter at Binary Flats

Still posted at Trimmer Springs, Nick is called 2000 miles south to investigate a threat to a colonial senator who has received a wanted poster with his name on it. At first glance, the poster appears to be a hoax, but Nick can’t put it to bed without proof. The evidence leads him into uncharted territory at a place called Binary Flats. Here he finds all the proof he needs, but the proof will do him no good unless he can get out alive.


  1. Gunfight on the Alpha Centauri Express

For nearly five years, Nick Walker has been enforcing the law on the Final Frontier, but in so doing has racked up an impressive body count. Now, assistant U.F. Attorney Brian Godney wants him investigated for using excessive force, and Nick finds himself in a courtroom facing not only Godney, but Godney’s assistant, U.F. Attorney Victoria Cross—Nick’s old girlfriend. The timing couldn’t be worse—with his career on the line, Nick still has to hunt down an interstellar terrorist whose body count is in the thousands…before he strikes again. It will be a tossup which will get him first, Godney or the terrorist.


  1. Manhunt on Tau Ceti 4

Two years after the shootout on the Alpha Centauri Express, Nick Walker has hit bottom. He’s lost his fiancée, his best friend, and his job…and the terrorist got away. Nick hunted him across the galaxy, but came up empty. Now he’s stuck in a dingy saloon in the Martian badlands, drinking himself into oblivion. But Victoria Cross hasn’t given up on him. She tracks him down and tries to coax him back home He isn’t having it, but then she plays her hole card, the only thing likely to get his attention—she knows where to find the terrorist.


  1. Assassin on Centauri B

Barely six months after his return from Tau Ceti 4, Nick Walker is handed a mission that he seems unlikely to survive. Federation President Vivian White Wolf personally requests Nick to infiltrate the Rukranian mob on Alpha Centauri B. The mob controls the BC government, which is on the verge of allying with Sirius, which poses a deadly threat to the entire galaxy. It’s Nick’s first undercover job, and he’s going in not only alone…but unarmed. Even if he survives, an assassin is waiting for him at home.


  1. Revolt on Alpha 2

Flash back thirteen years. Nick Walker is a Star Marine, just 20 years old. While he was in training, the cult revolution began on Alpha Centauri 2, steamrolled over the Colonial Defense Force, badly bloodied the Federation Infantry, and captured 80% of the planet. If anything is to be salvaged, it’s up to the Star Marines, and Nick Walker is about to get his feet wet. The day after he arrives on the planet, he gets news that his father has died of a stroke. The timing couldn’t be worse, because he needs every wit at his command just to stay alive…and things will only get worse.


  1. Return to Sirius

Someone is hijacking starships. Four, so far, with no end in sight, and all the passengers have disappeared. Nick Walker is assigned to find out who is behind the attacks and, if possible, stop them. He learns that one man had booked passage on all the missing ships, and when the same man books a fifth ship, Nick does the same. He suspects, but can’t prove, that Sirius is behind the attacks; his only hope is to remain flexible and somehow intercept the attackers before another 2000 passengers disappear into the black hole of slavery. If he succeeds, he’ll be a hero, but if he fails…well, the Sirians have been hunting him for years. The ending won’t be pretty.


  1. Victoria Cross: Colonial Defense Attorney

Once a Federation prosecutor, Victoria Cross is now a defense attorney. When Nick Walker takes down a pair of bank robbers who claim they stole the money in self-defense, she faces the challenge of proving their claim. It won’t be easy, but Nick believes in her and helps investigate the crime. The real culprit turns out to be a former Star Marine who has turned to the dark side…and has no intention of going to prison. Neither Nick, Victoria, nor her clients will be safe until this man is taken down. But he has cops on his payroll, and taking him down could be deadly.

Ambush at Galaxy Gulch

Coming SOON!


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Nick Walker has been a Yancy West fan his entire life. The western hero embodies all the finest qualities of law enforcement that Nick embraces, and actually meeting the great man—even if he is only an actor—is a real treat.

When Yancy West (real name Rodney Manchester) invites him to visit the movie set where the latest title is being shot, Nick takes his first vacation since becoming a U.F. Marshal. He’s never been on a movie set and finds himself like a kid at a carnival. Famous actors, male and female, and an Ancient West cowtown like those in the movies…what’s not to love?

Hell, Nick might even get to act in a few scenes as an extra.

But when accidents begin to happen—live ammunition instead of blanks, a flash-fire in the soundstage—Nick quickly suspects that something sinister is going on. Too many accidents to be a coincidence.

Nick has faced down slavers, traffickers, kidnappers, mobsters, armed cults, and even a terrorist, but never has he encountered such a web of confusion, deceit, and downright evil as he does now. In this, his final adventure, Nick Walker must not only get to the bottom of events on the movie set, but try to survive a threat to himself and his family…

…if it’s the last thing he ever does.

Ambush at Galaxy Gulch is Nick’s 12th and final adventure.

Coming soon! Don’t miss it!

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You have four more days to pre-order Victoria Cross: Colonial Defense Attorney for just 99 cents. Releases on June 15, 2019. On June 16, the price will be $3.99.

Here is a small preview:


As he raced down the metal stair steps behind Egoian’s warehouse, Mijo’s heart hammered in his chest. He had never been more frightened in his life, because he was pretty sure someone had just been killed inside the building, and if he didn’t escape, he would be next. When he reached the ground, heedless of the cold, he raced across the enclosed parking space toward a ten-foot chain-link fence that surrounded the property. There was no alley here, because the parking lot was used only by hovercars, which didn’t need street access.

He hit the fence at a dead run, leaping at the last moment and clutching the chain-link with his fingers. Using his shoes as leverage, he pulled himself toward the top, but when he reached it, there was a problem.

The fence was topped by razor wire.

Fortunately, the razor wire was angled to the outside, which gave him an advantage, but he still couldn’t grip the wire without cutting himself. For several seconds he teetered at the top, trying to find a grip that didn’t include slicing his hands, but before he found it, he heard a shout.

“There he is! The little bastard is getting away!”

He cast a desperate glance over his shoulder and saw two men on the second-floor landing, both in expensive business suits, but no less dangerous for that. One of them started down the steps, but the other braced his feet and took aim with both hands. He was holding a pistol.

Mijo saw the flash a split second before he heard the shot, and a bullet sparked off the top of the fence just inches from his hand.


Victoria Cross: Colonial Defense Attorney

Releases June 15.

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Nick #11 Now Available for Pre-order!

Colonial Defense Attorney is now available for pre-order. Just 99 cents until June 16. Get  your order placed now!


Here is a preview from the novel:

Nick turned…

Alfred Stenger was standing behind Judge van Wert, one shackled arm around her throat, cutting off her air. He held Nick’s second .44 in both hands, ready to fire if he needed to, but his main focus seemed to be to choke his hostage. Nick realized then that the gun hadn’t fallen out of his holster—Stenger had grabbed it as he lunged at the gunman.

“Stenger! What the hell are you doing?”

“I think that’s obvious, Marshal. Drop your gunbelt or I’ll kill her.”

Nick’s gaze shifted to van Wert, whose pale blue eyes were wider than he’d ever seen them. She stared at him in horror and desperation. He looked back at Stenger.

“What’s that gonna get you? You can’t exactly jump off the train at the speed we’re traveling, and there will be marshals waiting at Twin Harbors.”

“Don’t worry about that, Walker. I’ll shoot whoever I have to. Drop your gunbelt and give me the other .44.”

“I don’t think so.”

“You think I won’t kill her? I can break her neck off with just the flex of a muscle.”

A litany of arguments ran through Nick’s head, but he knew they would have no effect. Instead, he looked at van Wert again.

“What shall I do, your Honor? You have more to lose here than I do.”

Van Wert was standing on tiptoe. Stenger towered over her by more than a foot, and his beefy arm under her chin was lifting her up to his level. She choked for air.

“H-Help me!” she gasped, gripping his arm with bony fingers. “Don’t—let him—kill me!” Van Wert closed her eyes in terror, certain that she was about to die.

“If I give you my other pistol, will you let her go?”

“Not until I get off this train. I need her to get through the marshals you said were waiting at the other end.”

“And then what? Am I supposed to believe you’ll just let her go as soon as you’re clear?”

“Sure, why not. Once I get clear, she’ll just slow me down.”

“And you’ll release her, even though she’ll be able to tell us where you took her and what direction you were heading. Is that it? I’m supposed to swallow that?”

“You can swallow whatever you want, Walker. I don’t give a damn. Give me the damn gun!”

Nick shook his head. “You know what will happen after you kill her, don’t you?”

“Yeah. I’ll shoot you. For being stupid!”

Nick looked at van Wert again. Her face was turning blue, partly from being choked and partly from the icy wind that swept through the car. Nick was starting to shiver himself, and he was wearing a topcoat. Van Wert wore only a thin sweater.

“What should I do, your Honor?”

“I d-don’t… Help me! Do s-something!

“You know, this may not be entirely his fault. He probably had a crappy childhood. I bet his old man beat him with a belt buckle and his mother kept him locked in a closet. Maybe he just needs rehabilitation. What do you think?”

Panic flooded her eyes as she stared at him, still fighting to breathe.

“You b-bastard! What…are you…doing?

“What’s it gonna be, Marshal?” Stenger’s hands were steady as he squeezed the judge’s throat with the crook of his elbow. “Time to make a decision.”

Nick smiled.

“Tell you what, Stenger. Instead of breaking her neck, why don’t you just shoot me? With me out of the way, there will be nobody to stop you.”

“You’re asking me to shoot you?

“Sure, why not? If you’re man enough, that is. Maybe you only feel safe killing women.”

“Hey, screw you!”

“Go ahead, then. Shoot. And make it a head shot—I’m wearing a vest.”


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Nick Walker Is Back !!!

victoria2_finalStill tender from his horsewhipping while a prisoner on Sirius, Nick Walker is back on the job. But he’s on light duty, which doesn’t leave him much to do, so he finds himself helping his fiancée, defense attorney Victoria Cross, defend a pair of bank robbers who said they robbed a bank in…self-defense!

Victoria Cross, once a Federation prosecutor and now a Colonial defense attorney, is nothing if not passionate about her work. Although she and Nick work opposite ends of the law (he arrests ‘em and she defends ‘em), this time they are on the same page. Matthew and Allison Saulsbury robbed the bank because they owed a loan shark who promised to kill them if they didn’t pay.

Problem is, the loan shark, a former Star Marine, is determined to keep the defendants from testifying. His criminal enterprise is at stake and he will stop at nothing, from kidnapping to murder, to prevent the Saulsburys from exposing him.

Bank robbery. Kidnapping. Arson. Witness intimidation. Murder…courtroom drama and lots of gunfire. Don’t miss the explosive action as Nick Walker works both sides of the legal street…and Victoria Cross faces down one of the most dangerous men she has ever met.

Victoria Cross: Colonial Defense Attorney is the 11th volume of the Nick Walker series, and #12 is just around the corner!

Preorder will be available shortly.

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My Novels

If you attended my Author Talk on December 1st, or even if you didn’t, here is a list of  my novel series and the Amazon links.

The Fighter Queen saga

The Starport series

Nick Walker, U.F. Marshal


Science Fiction that doesn’t Taste Like Science Fiction…you’ve never read anything like it.


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TWO WEEKS LEFT to Pre-order Nick Walker #10

Nick Walker had no idea where he was.

He was locked inside a tiny cell in what might have been a brig, but was more likely a slave cell. It smelled of shit and urine, and from time to time, suspicious liquids of questionable origin flowed past his bunk. The cell was no more than eight-by-eight, barely big enough for a rack that was too short and a toilet that didn’t flush. The cell had no portholes and no lights. He couldn’t see out and was in the dark most of the time. Meals, such as they were, came twice a day, and only by that could he measure the passage of time. When he peered out the tiny window in the cell door, he could see two or three other cells across from him, but the dimly lit corridor stretched in both directions and he couldn’t see more than that.

The “food” was about as basic as it could get, one step above starvation. It was some kind of gruel with bits of meat chunks in it, probably boiled grain but not one Nick recognized. He didn’t even want to know what the meat chunks were. He had watched an autopsy once, and this stuff looked exactly like stomach contents. It was saltless, tasteless, and unsatisfying. At first he refused to eat it, but his guard said something that changed his mind.

“Still don’t wanna eat, tough guy? Suit yerself, but where you’re goin’ you’re gonna need your strength.”

Nick began to eat. The slop was awful, but it filled his belly. It also gave him gas.

After the first few days, which were devoted to pain and confusion, he had a lot of time to think. He was no closer to identifying the “pirates” than he had been the day he boarded Ashlan. He still believed they were Sirians, but was a long way from proving it. He would probably find out for sure when they reached their destination, but without some way to get that data back to the Federation, he might as well have stayed home.

Which, he was pretty sure, he would never see again.


Return to Sirius

Releases October 1, 2018

Pre-order now for 99 cents.

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