ONLY 4 DAYS LEFT to Pre-Order Victoria Cross

Victoria Cross U.F. Attorney will release on Monday, April 2. Pre-order your copy now for only 99 cents.

Here is a small preview:

As she started down the ramp toward the street, Victoria saw a rather grungy young man leaning against the railing to her left, his back to the river. He stood with his head slightly lowered, as if deep in thought. She took him in at a glance—unshaven, stringy hair, bad complexion. His clothing looked tattered, and it crossed her mind that he might be homeless. She had seen war vets who looked like that, but this one looked ten years too young to have fought in the revolution.

She picked up a pungent whiff of tobacco smoke and noted the cigarette pinched between two fingers of his left hand. Senses on high alert, she continued on past him.

“Hey, lady…”

He spoke in a low voice, which impacted her nerves harder than if he’d shouted. She was already past him, but he was no more than ten feet away. She kept moving as she glanced over her shoulder.

“…got a light?”

She stopped and turned to face him. She stared at him for a couple of seconds, her pulse racing.

“Your cigarette is already lit. What do you need a light for?”

He pushed away from the railing and stood up straight, dropped the cigarette, and stepped on it. He took a step toward her, head still slightly lowered, his face now in shadow. He took another step.

“What’s in the satchel?”

Pre-Order now for 99 cents.



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Nick Walker #9 now available for Pre-order!


Victoria Cross, United Federation Attorney


After Crawford sat down, Victoria took the witness.

“Mr. Chambers, how much were you paid to testify for the defense today?”

He cleared his throat.

“Ten thousand terros. That isn’t unusual, by the way. I’ve been paid to testify in other criminal cases before this one.”

“I see. Does the fact that the defense is paying you affect your testimony in any way?”

“I’m not sure I understand the question.”

“Well, you are obviously saying what the defense wants you to say. But if I had hired you instead of Mr. Crawford, would your testimony be different? Would you be saying what I want to hear?”

“No, of course not.”

“Good. I’m glad to hear that. Tell me, Mr. Chambers…do you still beat your wife?”

The witness looked stunned. His face blanched white, then fused red.

“What! No, of course not!”

“When did you stop?”

He jerked upright in his chair, mouth open and eyes wide.

“Now wait a minute! I never said—”

“Objection! Your Honor, what the hell is Miss Cross trying to pull here?”

Victoria turned and smiled at him.

“What took you so long, counselor? I expected you to object after the first question.”

Crawford ignored her.

“Your Honor…!”

Van Wert’s face was almost as red as the witness’s.

Approach! Both of you!”

Crawford, puffing with anger, stomped toward the bench. Victoria joined him, her hands clasped innocently in front of her. She tried to suppress a smile, but failed.

“What the hell are you doing, Miss Cross?” van Wert demanded. “Are you fishing or do you have something?”

“I have something, your Honor.”

Van Wert’s eyes expanded a fraction in surprise.

“What’ve you got?”

Victoria told her.

“All right, step back. The objection is overruled.”

Still steaming, Crawford returned to the defense table. Victoria returned to the witness. Jay Chambers stared at her as if she were a rattlesnake.

“Mr. Chambers, you said you no longer beat your wife.”

“No! I said I have never beaten my wife! You’re putting words in my mouth!”

“I would never do that, Mr. Chambers. It’s unsanitary and spreads germs.”

“Objection! Counsel is mocking the witness.”

“Withdrawn. Mr. Chambers, isn’t it true that on July 13, 0442, your wife called police to your house to settle a domestic dispute?”

Chambers stared at her. He swallowed.

“I never beat my wife. I’ve never laid a hand on her.”

“Please answer the question, Mr. Chambers. Were the police called to your residence on July 13, 0442?”

“Yes.” His response was barely audible.

“Who called the police on that occasion?”

“My wife did.”

“Why did she call the police?”

“We were having an argument.”

“Did the argument get violent?”

“No. It got noisy, but not violent.”

“Were you arrested?”

“No. I was detained and questioned, but not arrested.”

“Why weren’t you arrested?”

“My wife refused to press charges.”

“Your wife refused to press charges. For what, Mr. Chambers? If there was no violence, why would she even consider pressing charges? You can’t be arrested for merely yelling at her, can you?”

Chambers glanced toward Crawford for help, but Crawford only glared back at him with pursed lips. He looked agitated.

“I might have put a bruise on her,” Chambers admitted in a quiet voice.

Victoria walked to the prosecution table and returned with a flat photo.

“Approach the witness, your Honor?”

“Go ahead.”

“Mr. Chambers, do you recognize the person in this digital?”

She held it up for him to see. He stared at it, his face slowly burning red.


“Is this a picture of your wife, Mr. Chambers?”


Victoria strolled to the defense table and showed the picture to Crawford, then strolled down the jury box so they could see it as well. The photo depicted a woman whose face looked like one solid blood blister; one eye was swollen shut and the other was barely open. Three cuts had been sutured.

She returned to the witness.

He avoided her gaze.

“Mr. Chambers, the next time you sell your services as an expert witness, may I suggest that you offer a discount? I don’t think Mr. Crawford got his money’s worth today.”

“Objection! That’s just petty, your Honor.”

“Withdrawn. Nothing further.”



Releases on April 2, 2018. Pre-order now for just 99 cents!


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COMING THIS SPRING: Victoria Cross, U.F. Attorney

If you’re a Nick Walker fan, you’ve already met Victoria Cross, who defended Nick in court against charges of excessive force. Two years later, she helped Nick track down terrorist Kenneth Saracen on Tau Ceti 4.

But all of that comes later.

Victoria Cross and Nick are the same age. They were in boot camp together and fell in love, only to split up when their relationship went south. Nick went to war and Vic went to law school. Upon graduation, she worked four years for the Judge Advocate General in the Polygon. Now a civilian, she is an Assistant U.F. Attorney on Alpha Centauri 2. in Lucaston. Nick is a U.F. Marshal in Trimmer Springs, four hundred miles away. Nick hasn’t seen Victoria in ten years and has no idea she is on the same planet.

Victoria is still in love with Nick, but knows it will never work because he now has a new love interest. To spare them both unnecessary pain, she does her best to avoid Nick whenever he’s in town, and hopes he never sees her in the news.

But it may not be that easy. Victoria is assigned to prosecute Antiochus Groening, the cult leader Nick arrested for ordering his own granddaughter stoned to death…and the same man responsible for the Coalition Uprising eight years earlier. Nick will be called to testify, and that will be awkward.

But she has an able colleague—Brian Godney is ready and willing to help her out.

And it’s just as well, for the biggest case of her career is coming up , the murder of a crooked Colonial Agent who may have framed an innocent man for smuggling. The evidence is compelling, but not overwhelming. As she studies the case file, Victoria becomes uncomfortably aware that certain details just don’t add up. For the first time in her career she finds herself torn—it’s her job to put the killer away, but is winning more important than justice?

If you enjoyed the courtroom action in Gunfight on the Alpha Centauri Express, you don’t want to miss Victoria Cross, U.F. Attorney. Plenty of courtroom action and a few surprises on the outside as well.

Coming this spring (2018) from FTL Press.

(Artwork by Duncan Long)

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SIX MORE DAYS! Revolt on Alpha 2 will release on Black Friday

This was combat.

This was the naked moment. Months of training, from boot camp to Advanced Infantry; months and years of camaraderie, of preparation; days and weeks and months of maneuvering, learning to cover and protect your buddies, advancing through hostile streets and down scorching dirt roads, across rivers and streams and up steep mountainsides, all to make contact with the enemy. After all that, and more, it came down to this, the naked moment. This was where it all paid off—or failed. This was where you lived—or died. No one could know the outcome until it was over, no one could know who would live and who would not, who would make it home and live a few more decades, or who would end it right here, at the ripe old age of nineteen or twenty.

This was the naked moment.

This was combat.

Nick Walker #8

Revolt on Alpha 2

Pre-order NOW for just 99 cents!

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GREAT NEWS!!! Nick Walker will be home for Thanksgiving!

Initially we thought Nick would be home for Christmas, but he got out  a month early. You can pre-order Nick’s latest book right now and have it delivered on Black Friday (Nov. 24, 2017).

Six years before Nick Walker became a United Federation Marshal, he joined the Star Marines. A revolution was already brewing on Alpha Centauri 2, then a Federation colony; two religious cults had banded together and were attempting to overthrow the Colonial government.

The shooting started while Nick was still in training, but the Star Marines were not deployed for another year, when it became clear that neither the Colonial Defense Force nor the Federation Infantry could contain the rebellion. By the time Nick’s regiment arrived on the scene, the Rebel Coalition had conquered an entire continent and it seemed that nothing could stop them.

You already know the story of Trimmer Springs, of Nick’s heroism in the bell tower with a Browning .49 cal sniper rifle; now read the entire story, from the moment Nick and the 33rd Star Marines first set foot on the planet. The fighting is brutal, the fear is constant, and survival seems unlikely. What some might consider atrocities often become routine events, the only way to stay alive.

Combat changes a man. Even the most innocent, idealistic recruit, if he survives, will never be the same. Not even Nick Walker.

Follow Nick’s evolution from combat cherry to weary war veteran. This is Nick as you’ve never seen him, just twenty years old, raw and unsophisticated. Grab your helmet, your canteen, your bandoleers, your .291 assault rifle—and brace yourself for action! This will be the hottest fight of Nick’s life, and you will be right there with him.

Revolt on Alpha 2 is Nick’s 8th adventure.
Don’t miss it!


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Nick Walker is coming home!

The shooting has stopped on Alpha Centauri 2 and the Star Marines are returning to Terra. If all goes as expected, Nick will be home for Christmas!

Nick’s eighth adventure, Revolt on Alpha 2, is now in final edit and we are waiting for a cover. Once all that is complete, the novel will be available for pre-order.

This eighth novel is a departure from the first seven. If you’ve read any of the books in the series, you already know that, before he became a U.F. Marshal, Nick was a Star Marine. Revolt on Alpha 2 takes you back to the very beginning, when the Federation fought a desperate battle to save Alpha Centauri 2 from a rebel takeover, with Nick right in the middle of the action.

Revolt also answers a few questions you might have. For example:

Why does Nick have nightmares?

Does Nick have a family?

Why is he ambivalent about religion?

Why is he so disgusted with politicians?

Why did he choose a career in law enforcement?

Why does he actually enjoy killing bad guys?

Why does he hate Rukranians?

This is Nick as you’ve never seen him, just twenty years old, raw and unsophisticated. Grab your helmet, your canteen, your bandoleers, your .291 assault rifle—and brace yourself for action! This will be the hottest fight of Nick’s life, and you will be right there with him.

Available for pre-order soon.


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Nick Walker Shall Return…This Winter

If you’ve been following Nick Walker’s career, you already know that, before he became a United Federation Marshal, he was a combat grunt in the Star Marines. Now the 8th installment of the Nick Walker series, Revolt on Alpha 2, takes you back to the beginning. The Rebel Coalition has overrun most of Alpha Centauri; the Colonial Defense Force couldn’t stop them, the Federation Infantry couldn’t stop them, and now it’s up to the Star Marines.

Nick Walker, a twenty year-old Star Marine, faces combat for the first time. Nick has resigned himself to the likelihood that he will not survive the war, but that only makes him more deadly on the battlefield. Here is an excerpt:


Nick slammed his rifle to his shoulder and took aim at the office building, but had no target. He swiveled to fire at the city hall, but if two machine guns couldn’t silence that gun, his fire would likely have little effect. He lowered his rifle and looked around, desperate to shoot at something, but the enemy was barricaded behind stone and marble. He now wished Dubose or Jaeger would send Third Platoon to assist, but checked the thought—adding more naked bodies to the shooting gallery would only help the rebels, not the Star Marines. The assault on the square had barely gotten off the ground and was already stalled. This was turning into a disaster.

He saw two Star Marines moving through the park in his general direction, men who were wounded or lost or both. It occurred to him that they probably didn’t know he was there, and might think he was a rebel. He needed to alert them before they fired on him, but how?

Before he came up with an answer, two more guns opened up on the park, these from the library just forty yards north of him. He watched in horror as brilliant tracers blitzed into the park, heard one Star Marine grunt in pain, and saw another dive for cover. Without thinking, he opened fire on the nearest window. This one wasn’t barred or barricaded, and he poured five rounds through it. The gun fell silent. He shifted to the second and pulled the trigger, but his rifle clicked on an empty chamber. He had forgotten to change magazines.

He ducked back behind two trees and quickly slammed a fresh magazine into place, but before he could do more, the remaining machine gun swiveled in his direction. Bullets chewed into the slender tree next to him, ripping the trunk apart. As the tree jerked and toppled, he rolled around behind the other one, bullets ripping up the ground next to him.


A second stream passed inches over his head, sounding like hornets on steroids. Panting with fear, he closed his eyes and froze, hoping they would stop.

Ready to die,Walker? Looks like tonight may be it.

The library gun ceased fire, giving Nick a chance to swallow in relief. He chinned his mike again.


“Walker! Talk to me! Are you hit?”

“I don’t think so, but you’ve got to get some kind of H.E. on those government buildings! If they won’t authorize P-guns, then bring the sleds back.”

“The sleds are on their way. They had to rearm, but they’ll be here in a couple of minutes. Keep your head down, because it’s going to get noisy.”

“Yeah, no shit. Too bad I don’t have a helmet cam—I could get some great combat shots.”

Dubose chuckled.

“Yeah, too bad. But don’t try to be a hero, Nick. I need you alive.”

“Just keep the other guys alive, will you, Sergeant? I’ll be fine.”

“I’m sure you will.”

“But you oughta see it, Sergeant. Talk about a ringside seat! It’s like being on the field in a solarball game.”

He heard Dubose laughing, then the world ended in a series of bright flashes. He had no idea where they came from, or who they belonged to—the ground under him heaved like a planet quake as fourteen heavy artillery shells plunged into the park in a single salvo. Nick was flung into the air as the park disappeared in what seemed like one massive explosion of singing steel and billowing flame.


Nick Walker, Star Marine: Revolt on Alpha 2

Coming this winter.



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